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Gang jailed for robbing jewellery and watches worth Dh580,000 from a Dubai villa

Dubai: The Dubai Court of First Instance has sentenced a group of five Chinese men to three years in jail for breaking into a Dubai villa and robbing golden jewellery worth Dh580,000.

The Chinese gang broke into the villa at Al Qusais on New Year’s Eve last year while the owners were outside the country for vacation. The 38-year-old Emirati owner testified that on January 3, 2020, he received a call from his mother-in-law that her maid went to his villa and discovered the robbery. “I returned the next day and the safe was missing. It contained jewellery. Expensive watches and gold items were stolen too. The suspects jumped over the wall as it was dark and lights turned off,” the Emirati victim said in official records.

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Plan to rob villas

The five Chinese men carried the safe outside the villa to their vehicle before heading to the desert to break it open and steal the jewellery. Dubai Police arrested the five Chinese men, who were hidden at the International City, a month after of the robbery. A 28-year-old Emirati policeman testified that the gang came to Dubai, planning to rob villas. “They admitted of renting a vehicle and monitored the villas. They climbed the villa’s wall and break the window to went inside the villa,” an Emirati policeman testified.

Items recovered

The men were planning to smuggle the jewellery outside the country but they were arrested by Dubai Police. According to Dubai Public Prosecution, the gang stole 34 gold bracelets, 53 gold and diamond rings, 81 gold earrings, 18 gold necklaces and 55 luxury watches. All stolen items were recovered. The court ordered that the five culprits be deported after serving their sentence.

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