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DHA to set up three field hospitals for New Year’s Eve celebrations in Dubai

Dubai: The Dubai Health Authority (DHA) announced that it would set-up three field hospitals and deploy several medical teams in the Burj Khalifa area to ensure the safety of community members during the New Year’s Eve celebrations.

Jassem Bin Kalban, Director of DHA’s Ambulatory Mobile Services office at the DHA said the authority has prepared a comprehensive plan that includes setting up three field hospitals equipped with the latest medical equipment to deal with various emergencies that may arise during the event. The field hospitals will be managed by a team of specialised and qualified medical and nursing staff, he added.

“More than 14 doctors, 35 nurses, supported by administrators and four logistics teams will be deployed on the day of the celebration. The field hospitals will be equipped with ECG machines, vital sign measuring equipment, inhalers, oxygen cylinders, CPR machines, wheelchairs, first-aid kits, cardiac vital sign measurement devices among other medical equipment.”

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Bin Kalban added that the field hospitals set up by the Authority will be in direct contact with DHA hospitals, including Rashid Hospital, Latifa Hospital and Dubai Hospital.

He highlighted DHA’s keenness to provide the best health services to visitors joining the celebrations this year, which are being organised amid exceptional global circumstances, noting Dubai’s unique ability to deal with various challenges while ensuring the health, safety and happiness of people.

The DHA called on the public to adhere to all the precautionary measures outlined by health authorities in the country for the New Year’s Eve celebrations.

Private social gatherings must be limited to 30 people with proper social distancing measures in place. Gatherings must comply with the rule of one person per four square metres of venue space.

Elderly people and those with chronic conditions are advised not to attend such gatherings while those experiencing symptoms such as coughing or fever must refrain from attending events. As per the guidelines, attendees must also wear face masks at all times.

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