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Tamil superstar Rajinikanth will not launch political party

In news that has shocked political circles in India, Tamil superstar Rajinikanth has announced he will not be launching a political party on December 31, as previously announced.

The news comes a day after the actor was discharged from a hospital in Hyderabad where he was admitted for two nights following fluctuations in his blood pressure.

He flew home to Chennai on December 28 and was told to take bed rest for a week and take further care of his hypertension.

In a long statement posted on his Twitter account, the actor wrote in Tamil: “With profound sadness I have to announce that I won’t enter politics. I alone know the pain I have experienced while announcing this decision. Without entering electoral politics, I will serve the people. This decision of mine will disappoint my fans and people but please forgive me.”

The actor also stated that he took his ill health as a sign and an indication to quit politics.

“If I campaigned only through the media and social media after I started the party, I would not be able to create the political upheaval among people and win big in the elections. No one with political experience will deny this reality,” he further wrote.

The actor has, however, stated that he will continue to support the people of Tamil Nadu.

Rajinikanth, who turned 70 on December 12, has had a stressful month. Days after members of his film unit testing positive for COVID-19, Rajinikanth tested negative and went into isolation. However, his blood pressure fluctuations resulted in a hospital stay.

Upon discharge, doctors stated in view of his post-transplant status, labile hypertension and age, he had to undergo regular monitoring of blood pressure. He was also advised to undertake minimal physical activity and to avoid stress.

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