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UAE: Three heavy penalties for jumping a traffic light – fine, black points and impoundment of vehicle

Dubai: If you were trying to sneak through a traffic light blinking orange, think again. UAE’s police authorities implement very strict fines for violations of jumping a red light, which include a heavy monetary penalty, black points on the driver’s licence as well as the impoundment of the vehicle.

Here is all you need to know about the penalties related to jumping a traffic signal in the UAE.

All the penalties

The penalty for light vehicles jumping the red signal is Dh1,000, along with 12 black points. The vehicle will also be impounded for 30 days.

Heavy vehicles, like trucks, face a Dh3,000 fine for the same violation, and a one-year suspension of their driving licence.

In an awareness message earlier this year, Abu Dhabi police authorities called on drivers to pay attention while driving and avoid using the phone to browse the internet or social media.

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What the black points mean

If you are found committing violations that have black points as part of the penalty, you would be required to pay the fine in person, at a police station within the emirate where the fine was issued. This is because the black points are issued on driver’s licence. This means that you cannot clear the fine by making an online payment.

Black points are issued on a driving licence in case of serious violations, where reckless driving may endanger the lives of other motorists. Jumping a red light leads to 12 black points being issued on the driver’s licence. The maximum number of black points that a driver can have on their licence is 24, after which the driver’s case may be referred to the court, along with the licence being suspended or confiscated.

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Each black point stays on the driver’s licence for a period of one year, after which it automatically expires.

Paying against impoundment

When it comes to the vehicle being impounded for a period of 30 days, there is an option for the individual to pay a certain amount of money against getting an impoundment waiver. The amount depends on the police authority of each emirate.

Awareness poster published by Abu Dhabi Police
Image Credit: Twitter/ADPoliceHQ

In Abu Dhabi, Law No. 5 of 2020 concerning vehicle impoundment in the emirate of Abu Dhabi, a person may need to pay Dh50,000 for the release of an impounded vehicle.

Fine for jumping a red light in Dubai
Image Credit: Screengrab/Gulf News

In Dubai, you would be required to pay an amount of Dh3,000 instead.

How to contact your emirate’s police authority

Abu Dhabi Police Call Centre – 800 3333

Dubai Police call centre – 901

Sharjah Police General Directorate – 06 563 1111

Ajman Police – 06 703 4000

Ras Al Khaimah Police – 600 577 777

Umm Al Quwain Police – 06 706 2000

Fujairah Police – 09 222 4411

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