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Sharjah Police: Fraudsters may sneeze on you to pick your pocket

Dubai: Did someone just sneeze on your clothes? Beware as fraudsters may use this ploy to pickpocket, Sharjah Police warned residents.

In an awareness post on their social media channels, Sharjah Police educated people about the different ways in which fraudsters could try to con you.

Some of the tricks you should watch out for include:

1. If someone spits or sneezes on your clothes. The police authority said: “Remain vigilant of those spitting or sneezing on your clothes, this means you are about to be pickpocketed.”

2. If someone tells you of a problem with your car. Sharjah Police also warned people of another trick that may be used – a passerby informing you that your car has a mechanical problem.

“Avoid being deceived by any person informing you of a breakdown in your vehicle,” the police said. By drawing your attention to another side of the car, an accomplice of the fraudster may try to enter your car and rob you of valuables, if you leave the car unlocked to make a quick check.

3. Leaving bags or valuables on the car seat, in plain sight. Another tip shared by Sharjah Police was to stow any valuable, like money or mobiles, in places that are not directly visible in the vehicle. This also includes handbags. The authority said: “Placing cash or bags near the driver make them vulnerable to theft.”

Beware of impostors

Earlier this month, Sharjah Police had also warned residents to not fall prey to anyone pretending to be an undercover police officer. The electronic awareness campaign titled “Beware before you fall prey to fraudsters”, aimed at combatting crimes committed by some scammers, and raising public awareness on fraud risks.

“Always remember that in normal circumstances, the police only ask you to present your identity card, driver’s licence or vehicle ownership and do not ask you to hand your personal items, money and content for any reason,” the police authority warned.

How you can report such behaviour

Sharjah Police called on citizens and residents to cooperate with security services by reporting any such behaviour by going to the nearest police station or contacting the number 999 for reporting serious accidents and emergencies, or by dialing 901 for reporting minor or non-emergency accidents.

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