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How to check travel ban if you are outside the UAE

Dubai: If you are planning to travel to the UAE but are concerned that you may have a travel ban due to a previously unresolved court case or outstanding financial dues in the UAE, what is the best course of action to take?

For people inside the country, there are various ways in which you can check if there is a temporary travel ban put in place, by checking the status with your Emirates ID or Unified ID number. You can read our detailed guide on how to check for and lift a travel ban – while you are in the UAE – here.

However, if you are outside the UAE and need to check if a travel ban has been imposed on you, it is advisable to contact a UAE-based law firm to conduct a check on your legal status before visiting UAE. Depending on the case you have been involved in, whether it is a labour dispute, outstanding debt or violation of any immigration laws, the lawyer you hire will conduct a complete check with relevant UAE government authorities to find out whether or not you have a travel ban imposed on you. While this is not a free service, and the cost would depend on the consultation and service fees of the law firm, it is recommended to seek professional assistance for a complete check.

For the legal representative to be able to conduct the check for you, you would need to provide a power of attorney, along with the following details:

• Copy of your valid passport

• If you have been a UAE resident, you would need to provide details of your visa number, Emirates ID as well as any expired passport if the visa had been stamped on it.

• Copy of the last exit stamp when leaving the UAE

The legal representative may then check with the courts, public prosecution, police and immigration departments regarding any cases registered under your name. The benefit of hiring a professional expert is that they can also provide details of the options available to you, in case of a travel ban, and how it can be lifted.

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